CHARITY ACCOUNTING & REPORTING: An Introduction provides a practical overview of charities in the UK, focussing on their accounting and reporting obligations. 

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Contents of CHARITY ACCOUNTING & REPORTING: An Introduction

CHARITY ACCOUNTING & REPORTING: An Introduction provides a practical overview of charities in the UK. Written in a user-friendly style and packed full of examples it covers topics including:

  • What a charity is;
  • Legal structures for charities;
  • Charity legislation and regulation;
  • The trustees' annual report;
  • Fund accounting;
  • Receipts and payments accounts;
  • Accruals accounts;
  • External scrutiny of charity accounts; and
  • Taxation of charities.

Perhaps you’re already familiar with accounting and want to know more about the charitable sector or maybe you’re about to start working or volunteering for a charity as a treasurer or trustee – this is the head start you need.

An introductory guide to charity accounting.

Packed full of real world examples.

Practical guidance on how to prepare and report on charity accounts.

Structure of CHARITY ACCOUNTING & REPORTING: An Introduction

Firstly, Chapter 1 will introduce what a charity actually is, legal structures for charities, the regulation of charities in the UK and relevant legislation and regulations.

In Chapter 2, we’ll move on to consider the overarching principles of accounting and reporting in charities, including responsibilities, fund accounting and reserves policies.

Next, Chapter 3 explores the requirements for and contents of the trustees’ annual report and accounts including the basis of preparation of those accounts.

Chapters 4 and 5 introduce and examine receipts and payments accounts and accruals accounts respectively. The chapters offer illustrative layouts for the primary financial statements and address how a number of common transactions are accounted for.

Chapter 6 highlights external scrutiny requirements for charities, addressing whether a charity requires its accounts to be subject to an independent examination, an audit or no external scrutiny at all.

Finally, chapter 7 provides a brief introduction to taxation of charities in the UK, highlighting some of the key reliefs and exemptions available as well as exploring the topic of gift aid.  

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